October 29th, 2013

Dozens of complaints of petty theft have been reported to the DMPD regarding the theft of bed sheets. The first report came in two weeks ago in early October but as the month went on, the complaint numbers have escalated. It is suspected to be one of many Halloween time pranks or perhaps being turned into ghostly costumes. The DMPD have issued a statement that they are investigating the complaints and have released a description of the stolen items. The items, chronologically by date of theft, are listed:

October 8th: white bed sheet, queen. October 11th, White bed sheet, queen and white fitted sheet, queen. October 13th, Six sets of white bed sheets, King and One set of full size. October 15th, Fourteen white pillowcases and one white bed sheet, California king. October 17th, Two white fitted sheets, Queen and one white duvet cover, twin. October 18th, Three unopened packages of white bed sheets, king. October 20th, A full set of creme, bedspreads. Later returned back to the owner. October 21st, Nine white sheets, queen and full, one of which has a faint strip pattern. October 22nd, Four sets of white square pillow cases and one white bed sheet, twin. October 25th, An entire 2600 block of Fifth street woke up to missing white sheets, of various sizes. October 28th, 34 white pillow cases, 8 flat sheets, queen and full, and two fitted sheets, king. October 29th, One white duvet cover, king and a white king bed skirt.

If you have seen any of these items or may know of someone who has, please contact DMPD as soon as possible. Be on the lookout for burglars and thieves climbing on rooftops and looking in bedroom windows. The police have suggested expanding presence on All Hollow’s Eve to inspect the tags of bedsheets being worn by children dressed as ghosts. To report missing bedsheets please contact the DMPD and provide a description of the missing item.

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