January 5th, 2014

Dear Alphonse,

Is it corny and cliché to make New Years resolutions? Do people actually ever follow through with these resolutions?

Dear UnResolvedResolute,

If you want hard figures, it seems to be around 14% of folks who make resolutions actually keep them. (Don’t ask me to cite that source. It was my resolution last year to document sources but I never was able to follow through). Those numbers certainly aren’t in your favor, but the funny thing about statistics is, all it takes is one outlier, one change to throw the whole set. By all means, make yourself feel better, if only for one week. Is it corny and cliché? Yes. But so is your overly accurate use of an accented E in the word cliché, so clearly you aren’t terribly concerned about being corny.

All that said, don’t make promises you can’t keep. That’s a good rule of thumb for just about anything. Read back about my advice to playing Two Card Monte if you want a look into promises. The better question is why you need January 1st to mean anything to you, why not decide to make a change to your life on March 10th or August 6th? If you need a box on a newly bought kitten calendar to ignite change in you, and you are worried about other people’s ability to keep resolutions rather than your own, that should be your answer.

In short, not to be harsh, but don’t bother with resolutions. Just do what needs to be done, no matter what day or year it is.



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