“The Barman”

August 21st, 2013

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“The Barman”

Coming into town from far around,
all the folks, both clean and sleazy,
Barman, pour another round!
This is a speakeasy, so shhh, speak easy.

Hope you know the password here,
don’t form any lines outside.
Wines, spirits, tonics, beers,
but only if you can get inside.

The bouncer, bar tender, the cigarette vendor,
he’s a one stop libations compound.
When laws are passed that make him an offender,
they take their operation underground.

So drink and be merry, but no need to riot
so check your weapons at the door.
Enjoy, but speak easy, so keep it quiet.
Psst, Barman, can I have another pour?

3 citizen commentaries on ““The Barman”

  1. heretherebespiders

    Sort of like my small town ‘local’ where you can stay past closing hours – if you keep shushed. At least I know there’s not a tommy gun behind my bar if I get a little boisterous.

    Oh wow, he actually looks a bit like the bar owner, Pete, too!

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